8th Grade


Immigration Unit


Essential Questions
  • What is the American Dream?

  • Who has and/or had access to the American dream.

  • Who does not and/or has not had access?

  • How does immigration legislation support or deny Constitutional rights for citizens?

  • What historical patterns are there in the immigrant experience to the United States?

  • How do social identifiers like race, religion, class and ethnicity impact an individual’s immigration experience?



Bill of Rights

Irish Immigration

Chinese Immigration

Current day immigration





Identity            Power            Oppression            Resistance

The Individual in Society Unit

essential question:
How do individuals shape the society in which they live?

How are individuals influenced by the societies in which they live?

What is our responsibility to ourselves and to our communities?


social and personal identity









determining the main idea of a text

writing accurate summaries

identifying the author’s point of view

interpreting words and phrases in text

analyzing how two or more texts address the same question




developing a clear thesis statement

formulating an introductory paragraph

crafting paragraphs with clear topic sentences 

supporting claims with examples and details 

providing concluding statements/paragraphs


punctuation (periods, exclamation points, question marks, commas)

capitalization (beginning of sentence, proper nouns)

Romeo and Juliet
Resistance Against Systems of Oppression
Guiding questions:

What makes this play still popular today? What are the themes of Romeo and Juliet? 

 What are universal issues facing teenagers throughout time? 

 Do you believe in fate or can people make their own destiny?  

How are Romeo and Juliet’s lives affected by outside events, family situations, or cultural, political, and social trends? 

Do you experience similar events/situations/trends that cause conflict in/affect your life?  

How do little decisions have big consequences? 

How do characters’ social identifiers direct their behavior? (class, gender, age)  

How do characters’ social identifiers impact how they are viewed by others? (class, gender, age)  


Romeo & Juliet


Effectively prepare for class
Use evidence from the text to support ideas
    during discussions
    in written responses
Identify and analyze elements of story
    three-act structure
    character driven plot
Identify and explain how themes are supported within the text


Public speaking
    eye contact
Determine the meaning of words and figurative language using context clues
Study the impact of word choice on meaning and tone
Describe a character's traits and changes over time
Analyze the Romeo & Juliet movie
    compare and contrast  to the play
analyze: to study something closely and carefully. to learn the relationship between the parts of something.