8th Grade

Eighth Grade Math                

Text: Larson, Algebra I. Holt McDougal, 2011


The eighth grade math curriculum is Algebra, and by the end of eighth grade students will cover all the major topics taught in a high school Algebra I curriculum . Emphasis is on real world application, problem solving, analysis, and logical reasoning. The ability to explain and justify concepts, both verbally and in writing, is highly emphasized. In the classroom, students sit in small groups to work through problems and activities. We guide these groups during class time and arrange the groups so that every student has an opportunity to work with different classmates throughout the year. Homework assignments and assessments are differentiated so that every student is challenged appropriately. We also recognize the importance of one-on-one learning and are accessible to all students who need extra support.

During the course, students will:

·  Learn the major concepts taught in a traditional Algebra 1 course

·  Develop problem solving abilities

·  Connect algebra to other areas of mathematics and science

·  Work with their peers to expand their mathematical understanding

The topics covered include:

·  Solving and graphing linear equations

·  Distributive property

·  Multiplying binomials

·  Equations from word problems

·  Systems of equations

·  Solving and graphing quadratic equations

·  Solving and graphing inequalities


In addition to the class work to introduce and build-upon skills and concepts, I also provide challenging assignments to support and encourage individual skills and interests in math.. All students are also welcome to participate in the Mathcounts program. Please review the FAQ document about differentiation in middle school math.