8th Grade



The eighth grade science curriculum offers students opportunities to examine various aspects of physical science and chemistry. The units develop and reinforce the skills of the scientific method: prediction, observation, recording, analysis, and the construction and testing of hypotheses. Students engage in hands-on activities and labs throughout the year. Computers are used throughout the course as a tool for gathering, organizing and analyzing data.  

The topics covered include:

  • The water cycle and water issues

  • Measurement and estimation

  • Water testing (temperature, pH, hardness, conductivity, and various other chemical tests)

  • Characteristic properties (density, boiling point, melting point, solubility)

  • Elements, compounds & the periodic table

  • Building models using robotics

Lab Reports

Writing skills are emphasized in science class. Students are responsible for writing organized lab reports for each of the major experiments we do in class. These lab reports must follow a specific format with introduction, materials, procedure, results, and discussion sections.

Homework for Science

Homework is given on most nights, and usually involves finishing a task that was started in class. It should take 15-20 minutes a night. During lab weeks, students may have up to 30 minutes of homework. If your child is unable to complete a task, please initial their work to indicate how far they have been able to work. If a student has a pattern of failing to bring in his/her completed assignment without an excuse note from a parent / caregiver, a parent will be alerted. For long-term assignments, students will need to budget their time effectively.

All homework assignment descriptions and handouts are posted on Google Classroom every day. Students are expected to check Google Classroom every night before starting homework. This is also a place to ask clarifying questions about an assignment. This includes days when the student is absent, unless circumstances do not allow.  Students are also responsible for making sure that they know what the homework is when it is assigned before leaving class.

Absence Policy

Much of the learning that takes place in class cannot be recreated or offered early if a student plans to be absent, therefore, please limit planned absences as much as possible. In the event that there is an unplanned absence, as in the case of illness, students are still responsible for the missed work and should make arrangements to catch up as soon as they feel able.

In most cases, lesson notes and handouts are available on Google Classroom by the end of each school day to look at, download, print and complete. Students are encouraged to arrange a time to meet with their teacher as soon as they return to school so that we can work out a “Catch-Up” plan. Study hall is a good time to do this.

A student who is absent on the day of a lab is expected to meet with their partner or group to copy down any data and get filled in on what was missed. This must happen during study hall within 1-2 days of of return.

Grades for Science

Grades will be a reflection of 3 areas.

1.  Lab Reports, Projects and Presentations – 50%

2.  Quizzes - 20%

3. Habits of Learning (class/homework, lab habits, partner/group work) – 30%

Depending on the type of assignment, graded work will be returned as soon as the next day or within the week.

Scores of <72% will require a revision. All graded work must be signed by a parent.